What Can Happen If I Leave Gut Dysbiosis Untreated?

Update: It has been 5 months and I have had no signs of gut dysbiosis. I am taking my Canxida Restore every day and its been working great. I recommend you take canxida restore if you still have the signs and symptoms of gut dysbiosis.

The implications of leaving gut dysbiosis can be far reaching and, as research strongly indicates, can result in a broad range of, primarily chronic, conditions.

If we summarize gut dysbiosis it means that, for whatever reasons, the microflora of the intestinal system becomes out of balance. This can result in the following:-

  • An overgrowth of pathogenic microflora
  • Diminished nutrients being provided to cells
  • Damage being sustained to the intestinal wall resulting in intestinal permeability
  • Autoimmune problems as a result of toxins penetrating the damaged intestinal wall

The implications for the patients involved result in a broad range of conditions with all manner of diagnoses. From fibromyalgia to depression through to Candida, the number of possible illnesses arising as a result of gut dysbiosis are far too numerous to list here. Yet one thing we do know is: modern medicine is currently in the throes of treating the symptoms, even within the individual diagnoses, rather than investigating the cause.

This leaves patients with a predicament. Most want to improve their health and subsequently their quality of life, and without the support of medical professionals, or it has to be said, sometimes without even acknowledgment of their condition, then they are left to either tolerate and cope with diminishing health or to try to resolve the issue in the safest way possible.

Because of the very nature of this illness and the range of ailments it can result in, rarely will you find symptoms which appear in isolation. Many illnesses today have ‘overlapping’ symptoms which make it difficult to distinguish one condition from another. How many people reading this today will be experiencing at least three of the following:

  • Emotional problems ranging from anxiety to severe depression
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Foggy brain
  • Skin issues
  • Muscle weakness
  • Digestive problems
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Muscle spasms
  • Suppressed mood

…and many, many more.

These are the kind of threads which bind these illnesses together and they are also the threads which indicate that gut dysbiosis may be the root cause.

Unless action is taken to remedy the underlying condition, rather than simply treat each individual symptom as it arises – which, it has to be said, usually only resolves the problem temporarily – then the implication is that the condition will simply continue to deteriorate and, quite possibly, lead to further more significant, complications.

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  1. Wow I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. And I’ve had these issues but never realized they were linked to this.
    After having extreme muscle weakness and cramps, numerous visits to doctors ,x-rays, MRI’s, Spinal tap, ( scares of having MS) I was told that I have a B12 deficiency. So now I’m taking shots at home.
    After reading I’m realizing that my doc was not clear as to how serious this is and wasn’t thorough in rechecking for this to have cleared.
    I will start this diet again.

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