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It all started five years ago when I was at my mom’s place in Ontario, Canada. I decided to go on some food frenzy with my friends. It was all the burgers and french fries and the drinks. While at start I didnt feel anything after I got back home it started with the abdominal cramps, gas and then the bloating. I always felt bloated like a balloon ready to explode. I would take medication for the gas and bloating and then after that I would have this crazy brain fog which lead me to stay at home and do nothing.

After that I would have series of days with constipation. The OTC medication I was taking didnt work so I decided to see a doctor who I had to wait 30 minutes to see me and then he didnt even spend time to understand my case and he prescribed me round of antibiotics. He told me it was normal and told me to keep taking my medication and I will get better.

It was that day when things got worst, I should have never taken the antibiotics at first place. Months passed and my situation just got worst and worst. I was still suffering from same complaint (constant cramps, gas and bloating).

I went to see an Iridologist. She told me, according to my “eyes”, my intestine is swelling, it’s because some waste are getting stuck there so she recommends using psyllium husk to clean it up and garlic capsules as anti-biotic, and so I did.

I took psyllium husk for two months and then I had to discontinue using it because I read the directions on the jar and it said I could become dependent on it, I did further research and found out it was not a good idea to keep taking them. So I got scared and stop taking it and my constipation was back.

I was tired of this feeling and while I was taking the antibiotics I started having some other issues down there (Vaginal yeast infection) which made my life worst. The smell down there was just disgusting. I did a lot of research until I found a video on youtube by Eric Bakker about gut dysbiosis and it struct me that it has to be gut dysbiosis. I did further research and found a blog by a lady name Karen and I followed her treatment protocol which included dietary changes.

I followed the regimen for 10 months and continued doing my research on the topic. I found out a lot about gut dysbiosis and I decided to start a blog to share my research with other people suffering from this problem.

It is a small blog but you will find everything you need to reverse gut dysbiosis.

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